Q. When should we transfer our gifts from Cru to GSN [for current donors]?

A. Preferably by September 1st.  September 14th is our official last date of hire with Cru.  Since this is happening mid-stream of the beginning of the semester, your completion of this by September 1st is an additional blessing and ensures no lapses in a paycheck. :-)  If you miss September 1st, please transfer your gifts by September 14th.  If those dates are missed, we will still have access to the funds for up to 90 days. 

To START a new gift with GSNgo to our Give Page or directly to the GSN give portal.   

Q.  How do I stop any recurring gifts with Cru [for current donors]?  

A recurring gift will not stop automatically! ​Please contact Cru (rather than your bank or credit card company) ​to stop/redirect your automatic gift (as you may incur a charge otherwise). If you do not contact Cru, the automatic giving continues. Unfortunately we are not able to do this for you. Contact Cru donation services to stop/change your recurring gift as follows: 

  • Email egift@cru.org, include your name, donor account #, "for Selent #0555621", and changes needed to ​be made.
  • Go to ​give.cru.org, click ‘Your Giving’, sign in to your account, click ‘Stop or Restart a Gift’, choose option 3 or 4 (redirect a gift or stop a gift)
  • Call: 1-888-CRUSADE, opt. 1


Q. Will you have to move?  Are you leaving campus ministry?

A.  No. We love the Upstate and the Upstate Cru team and are content to stay as long as the Lord sees fit for us to reach the Upstate campuses and recent graduates.  

Q. Why Global Service Network (GSN) and why now?

A. GSN is a direct answer to prayer to enable us to reach young adults both in college and those beyond, along with conducting premarital counseling.  As for the timing, we took a step of faith and began looking into other campus ministry options about a year ago.  Along the way, we learned about GSN and how it's unique structure could allow us to continue working with our Upstate Cru team on the campus while also appropriating time to disciple non-traditional college students and recent graduates, as well as coach couples who want to get married.  We applied after our two month Sabbatical, which ended in July.  Our Sabbatical was a gift of time and space to hear from the Lord and reflect on what we love doing in ministry.  It was an affirming time to see how the Lord was leading us to still reach the world through campus ministry with Cru, but also focus on building foundations for life to impact generations to come in school, at home, in the workplace and in families.  See the Home Page for more details.

Q. What is GSN's Vision?

A. "Global Service Network is rooted in Jesus’ command, '…The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.' (Matthew 9:37-38) By providing the support and resources for men and women to be laborers in God’s harvest, GSN accomplishes its mission, Empowering Servants of Christ to take the Gospel to the World."  Read more at www.globalservicenetwork.org

Q. When were you hired by GSN and what does that mean?

A. We were hired as associates of GSN in late July, with a start date of September 15th to accommodate transferring our support base and finishing well with Cru.  We will contineu

Q. Are gifts to GSN tax-deductible and what is their administrative fee?

A. Yes, GSN is a 501c[3] tax deductible nonprofit who services all administrative tasks relating to contributions, paychecks, reimbursements and tax forms for their missionaries/associates to free us up to focus on the mission field.  Only 7% is taken "off the top" for GSN's administrative costs.  GSN is a cost-effective and efficient non-profit organzition with one of the lowest over-head costs in the industry.  That means 93% of your donation goes to the mission field!

Q. Who do you report to and who is holding you accountable?

A. Our ministry, Foundations for Life, has a personal Board of Directors made up of three couples who know us, are passionate about the Great Commission, have unwavering commitment to the proper application of scripture, and who represent three different generations.  Pete will meet with one of the board members about twice a month and the board will meet a minimum of twice a year.  Also, we are working closely with our Upstate Cru staff team and Church at the Mill. GSN is a member of the ECFA, the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. 

Q. Are you still in good standing with Cru?

A. Yes!  It was important for us to make this transition based on the Lord’s leading, and with the blessing of our local Cru team and not hinder the mission. We are grateful to continue co-laboring with the Upstate SC Cru team as part of our new job with GSN, and for the ability to maintain connected to the students we've poured into across the years.

Q. How are you funded?

A. We, Pete and Carra, are full-time missionaries serving with GSN.  GSN, like Cru and many missionary organizations, has no central funds to pay for their missionary's salaries or health benefits.  We are 100% funded through a team of ministry partners made up of a few churches and many individuals like you. :-) 

We are firm believers in the generosity of God being put on display through his people, and we seek to live that out as well.  If you are new to giving to our ministry, would you consider joining us at $100 per month, or some other amount?  We are grateful for whatever amount the Lord leads you to give! To give, go to the Give Page or directly to the GSN give portal.